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Resume format is something that I constantly discuss as feedback with candidates after their interview, whether it be content, the name of the file, the structure and lastly and what this post is about…file format.  I came across this older article on and it is something that I think is underestimated by the job seeker community.  Definitely worth a read on why you should NOT submit your resume in PDF format.  It’s a small tip that could make a major impact for you in the search for a new position.

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  1. On the same topic of your resume format – the article below gives some great tips. I dont necessarily agree with disregarding the fact that your resume may or may not get 6s as an overview. I believe that you have to have certain points that allows the reader of your CV to want to keep reading. In engineering & manufacturing, this could include quantified achievements, education or even just the companies that you have worked for.


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