Keeping loyal employees

Keeping loyal employees is important in any business.  Let’s be honest, keeping employees in general is important.  The cost of replacing members of your team can be high (ie. training, time, recruitment).  So, I thought this snippet from LinkedIn was good and something to always keep in mind.  What is important to you in staying in a job?  Are any of the below more important?  How does your company get people to stay?


  1. Some good points in here regarding not only attracting the right talent but also things you should keep in mind in keeping your own people.

    They’re asking themselves the following:

    Who are their customers?
    What impact will this role have on my career?
    Will it take my career to the next level?
    Where is this company going?
    What do they want me to do?
    How am I going to develop?
    Who will be my mentors?


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