Accepting a job offer can be a very exciting time but it can also be stressful if it has not been handled properly.  I recently read an article on Undercover Recruiter and it points out some things that you should consider before accepting.  Although I agree on the points of what you should consider, most of this should be looked into before you get the offer not once you get it.  Make sure that while you are going through the interview process that you feel excited and interested in both the role & the company, that the culture is what you want and the role will fill your needs when it comes to a new role.  You should have an idea of what the compensation package will look like – it shouldnt be a surprise when you get your offer.   And lastly, make sure you have looked into the company, this should be done before even your first interview.  This can be done by simply Googling the business and going to the company website.

If you do all of the above, the process of signing your offer will be a lot smoother and you will be looking forward to joining your new employer.  If you are working with a good recruiter then they should be prompting all of the above for you.  If the recruiter is not, then I suggest looking for a new person that will help you through the process in fulfilling your career needs.

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