What the CEO’s from manufacturing companies are telling Trump not only resonates in the US.  For at least the last couple of years now, I have seen it here in Canada as well.  Useful read, so check out the article here.

toronto recruitmentIt is becoming harder and harder for manufacturing companies to find the right talent for their needs across Canada.  From our point of view in engineering & manufacturing recruitment, it usually comes in waves.  In one stretch of time, there can be a lot of technical skill-sets on the market and limited jobs versus another moment where there are a lot of jobs and not a lot of manufacturing candidates.  Unfortunately, the latter has become quite a common theme.  It certainly makes my job in the recruitment industry harder – I definitely have to earn my keep.

This serves as an important reminder if you are in recruitment or in any type of hiring position in a company.  You need to keep networking!  Networking with people for potential future recruitment or networking and finding referrals of top level talent that you may hire down the road.  Social media can be a major driver in networking so be sure to check us out, all the information can be found on our Useful Links page.

What trends are you seeing in your company?  How are you expanding your network?