Personality vs. Skillset

I saw this tweet from @UndercoverRec and it is something that comes up with every hire and I believe that it truly comes down to both.  A lot of our clients come to us because they need a specific skillset.  Our goal here @JPRecruitmentCA is when we sit down with our clients is to learn about the role, how it impacts the business and get a sense of the culture within the company.  In the end, we want to present the company with a list of 5-6 candidates who ALL have the skillset they are looking for – they just need to pick who is the best cultural fit for their business.  In the end, after all of that, you have to chose between the two?  I would go with the best cultural fit.  Fixing/developing a skillset is a lot easier than turning around a company culture.  What are your thoughts?

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