Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Improving LinkedIn profile’s is a very important topic if you are open to new opportunities in the engineering & manufacturing industry.  It can help your own personal “online brand”, act as a resume to companies without you even applying, can give you a different level of references as well as help grow your network for when you make a more aggressive search.

I read this article today and it prompted this blog post.  I’ve outlined the main points you should focus on your profile from it below:

  • Industry groups
  • Search of rival companiesengineering recruiter
  • Observing who is recommending and endorsing people
  • Finding similar people to those they already know
  • Finding alumni from specific colleges
  • Using Google to search LinkedIn’s public profiles

I don’t think companies in the manufacturing sector across Canada focus on the alumni part – I believe this is more in the US.  In my entire recruitment career, I’ve never been asked to focus on people from a specific school.

I would also essentially fill out your career history with everything from your resume.  Be sure to outline what your current/past employers manufactures, how big the facility you work at is & the market it sits in.  On top of that, focus on key achievements that you accomplished and quantify those achievements.

Lastly, and this may seem obvious, grow your network!

What are you doing to ensuring your LinkedIn profile is complete?

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