The importance of strong leadership is an obvious part of growing a good business.  This article that I read, “Why a Bad Boss is Bad for Employer Brank”, is a great eye opener for a lot of companies out there.  It discusses the some points on Talent Attraction/Retention, Brand Reputation, Morale, Culture & Management by Fear.

As a recruiter in the engineering & manufacturing space, I come across these topics on a daily basis and have even experienced some myself within my career.  There are certainly companies that I can list that I get told by candidates that they do not want to work for.  This is even before I’ve told them about any roles!!!  You definitely do not want to be that type of business.  Whatengineering recruiter are you doing in your current role to prevent this from happening?  It may be worth asking your recruiter what feedback has been.  I know I am speaking with people every day about the manufacturing industry and have a good idea – I imagine others do as well.  All of this has an impact on each of the points listed above.  Not being able to attract the right people leads to bad hires which in turn causes turnover, costs money and creates a bad morale & culture in a business.  We all know that going through a culture change is not easy.

What are you doing today to ensure your management team are creating the reputation and culture you want?  I’d like to hear ideas and thoughts of this.