Banning emails after hours in the work environment is actually not a bad idea.  I thought it was great way back when, when I got my first company phone, “it makes me so much more efficient and I have less emails to do the next morning”.  This article is certainly an eye opener but why is this the first time I’ve heard of it? It is such a great idea and the impact it will have I think will be underestimated.  As JP Recruitment grows, we will have to implement it.  In my teams in the past, I have always been an advocate of making sure employee’s dont put in extra work in the weekends or work too late because I dont want them to burn themselves out.  This ensures that your team can “shut off” and actually relax and then return to work and be more productive.  The timing of the article is great as I have even got to the point where I start leaving my phone at home for simple tasks in the evening because I dont to be checking it every two minutes.  What are your thoughts?